Come to Ellerslie Carfair

  • Open 9am to 12pm every sunday including public holidays
  • VIR on site
  • One of the safest ways to sell/buy your cars
  • On site pre-purchase inspections
  • Hundreds of sellers and buyers in one place

For your protection please be aware of overseas buyers who are requesting your bank account details. We strongly recommend you do not give them any personal information. (

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Information for Buyers at Ellerslie Car Fair

THE AUCKLAND CARFAIR IS HELD EVERY SUNDAY including Public Holidays at Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland from 9am to 12 noon.

  • Hundreds of privately owned cars for sale

  • Seven car classes:
    - Under $5,000
    - $5,000 - $10,000
    - Over $10,000
    - Classic/Sports/Performance Cars
    - Trucks/Vans/Utilities/4x4s
    - Campers/Caravans
    - Motorbikes/Boats

  • Pre purchase inspection mechanics on site

  • Mechanical warranties

  • VIR - (Vehicle Information Report)
    - Checks money owing
    - Unlicensed, deregisterd, stolen
    - SIN (Supplier Information Notice)

  • Change of ownership terminal

  • Food and drink

  • Ample free parking

  • Insurance: please make your own arrangements

  • All transactions, conditions, terms of the purchase, WOF and registration are between the buyer and seller.

Terms & conditions

The Carfair does not take responsibility or accept liability for any transactions, terms & conditions, terms of purchase, deposit and payment arrangements, WOF and registration issues.

All dealings are between the buyer and seller. It is "Buyer Beware". Furthermore Buyers should be aware that from time to time some sellers advertising through any medium including the Car Fair, may present themselves under false pretences.

While the Car Fair aims to minimise any risk of this it cannot guarantee to eliminate it. Therefore it is important to understand that all transactions entered into are completely at your own risk and The Car Fair does not take any responsibility or give any warranties.

The Car Fair also recommends you avail yourselves of services to conduct the relevant checks on vehicles. These are normally provided on site on Sundays or via links on our website.